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Parents and Families

Advice for Parents and Families


As a parent or family member you may ask yourself, how can I best support my student? What can I do to help them succeed?  Buffalo State is aware of the challenges your student may face and we provide a variety of resources to assist you and your student in their growth and development.  Referring your student to campus resources will allow them to take responsibility for their own success while allowing you to take part in important conversations about their transition.





Common Student Issues

Throughout the year, different problems may arise for students. While not all students will experience these issues and these problems will not always occur in the month indicated, experience and research suggest these issues often occure in the month identified.

We hope this guide will help parents identify a student's problem if they suspect something is wrong. This is also meant to be a guide to help parents ask their student questions about college.

Guide to Common Student Issues



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